The Blue Tree

A poem inspired by the painting of a friend of mine, Admire Ncube.


The blue tree
Welcomes me
The blue tree
Speaks to me
The blue true
Transports me

I tumble into its canopy
Blossoms and blue leaves
All that I can see
I tumble out
A mind swept clean
Of noise and doubt

At the base of this blue tree
I cast an eye
My patch of ground
Floating in a space
White and profound
The blue tree shelters me

In a moment I might
Find peace and tranquility
And in this experience
Discover an
All too rare state of bliss

As blue leaves dance in front
I watch the way nature moves
Its gentleness and it’s grooves
Through these tangled roots
Finding reconnection
And a feeling that soothes

This blue tree
This island
This space
Which subjectivity
It does transcend
This wonderful moment

Dave James Horn ©