The Inter-Dimensional Bench

I had the best time performing with Tiff from Central Saint Martins University as part of Folkestone Triennial 2017!

Tiff has created a bench reflecting nature and society, Japanese and Western culture. To quote Tiff, ‘I love you f*&King bench!’

There are many benches
Many odes and memorials
But none like this one

As if from another dimension
It radiates colour and curiosity
Celebrates joy and madness
Accumulates oddities and trinkets
It combines the sensibilities
Of Japan and South Wales perfectly

Cleaved by a great sword
This dead wood is
Somehow living
As if imbued by its creator
With a spark
Some kind of mad heart

It lures people in
But this bench
Is not for sitting
More staring at
As reality’s rules
One by one you begin forgetting

Shifting and changing
This bench welcomes you
By so very proudly singing
Most wonderfully and loud
It gets people questioning
What a glorious thing!

This bench
This monument
This moment

Dave James Horn ©


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