Thank You!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that was part of the launch night for Visible Thoughts!

Thank you Anthony White, Faith Warn, Sharon McCarron and Seterah Ebrahimi for wonderful, powerful and diverse poetry. Thank you Lucy Lungley and Ben Milberry for a beautiful debut performance as an official acoustic outfit, hopefully the first of many. Thank you Local Foreigner for the most incredible and fitting DJ set to end the night and send everyone away dancing.

I would also to say a massive thank you to Cath and Andi of the Lime Bar for allowing this to happen, being amazing hosts and creating such a wonderful space! Thank you everyone that came and watched, it was incredible to share the night with you and share poems from Visible Thoughts. Thank you everyone that bought a book!  I hope you all like it.

Here are some mostly grainy photos, but all the best things are captured in grainy photos.


Faith Warn


Sharon McCarron


Seterah Ebrahimi


Lucy Lungley and Ben Milberry


Dave James Horn


Local Foreigner