Visible Thoughts by Dave James Horn

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And So She Thinks

Dave James Horn is a prolific poet. When he hasn’t got his pen on a page his head is alive with words, all shifting about and forming themselves into rhythm and rhyme. His first full collection, Visible Thoughts, takes those literary shapes and brings them to the page. In over two hundred poems exploring philosophy, mental health, relationships, mental health, new beginnings and changing lives, it’s a vulnerable and impressive undertaking that not only shows David as a poet, but as a person.

‘Poetry is a connection. It’s like there’s all these emotions inside, in the soul, and then there’s your wise head sort of watching and knowing, and writing…it bridges the two together. Makes it make more sense.’

Sometimes heavy subjects are given a softer envelope in a sentence. At others the mundane is made sensitively profound. There’s poems on the universal, as well as the highly personal.

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