Climbing Frames For Spiders

Pitch Festival last week really showed the joy of festivals! How has it been a week?

Perched upon hay bales
Circling a fire
Nestled on the grass
Staring at one on stage
Singing their hearts desire

The people congregated
All acting as climbing frames
For a wealth of spiders
But people also opened their eyes
To a sharing way and that which inspires

Aided by raspberry cider and sunshine
Interesting talks and music
Delicious food and good company
People let themselves be open
To the chance just to be

To laugh, love and live
To enjoy, share and give
In so many ways
This, surely the recipe
For the happiest of days

These people
These climbing frames for spiders
These festival goers
These dancers and jivers
These life lovers

If smiles were our currency
Then each would be a millionaire
The true wealth of this time
Something that cannot be bought
With cards, paper or coins that shine

Oh the joy of the festival
And the people that go
There is not a nicer time
No richer glow
That I know

Dave James Horn ©


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