Pitch Festival

Check out this wonderful interview by Francesca Baker with FuzzyJez of Pitch Festival! Also check out Francesca’s site for lots of interesting content, reviews and interviews!

And So She Thinks

This summer sees the very first Pitch Festival grace the fields of Kent. Organised by the team behind the Paddlesworth Project, it’s three days of music, arts, workshops and spoken word that sees local and national artists alike come together to celebrate the power of creativity. I caught up with a busy and buzzing ‘FuzzyJez’ to find out more…

The Paddlesworth Project ‘aims to grow contemporary rural communities through the provision of time and space for projects with creativity and sustainability at their core. It is a holistic site for learning and reconnecting through arts, culture and the environment where fun and friendship is central.’  How does Pitch Festival align with and represent those aims?

Our first Pitch has been emotional, hilarious, challenging, tearful, unexpected, miraculous… and it hasn’t even started yet. but that’s what it’s literally all about, pitching in. we’re all in this together facing challenging…

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