The Coded Life 2: Language

But it doesn’t end there
For even when DNA
Has decided the colour
Of your hair
We have to learn all these symbols
At which we are made to stop and stare

We have to learn language
Individual letters, whole words
Sentences, grammar
And then how to say them
If we want them
To be heard

A part of the code
Is the communication
And in us humans
It has reached a level
Of art and subtly
But also such complication

But where does it end?
Us humans don’t know
As we watch our use
Of thinking machines
Rise and grow
And we have given them a language

Created for them codes
That let them function
As they relieve the use
Of our own brain function
PHP, hash tags, html
And now we fall under our own spell

The irony is that in
Our rush to communicate
Utilise our codes
We forget silence
The uncoded, uncreated
From where our knowledge arose

Because you can’t
Talk and listen
And for all our descriptions,
Our codes, our language
How ironic it is that silence
Always has so much more to say

Dave James Horn ©

Visible Thoughts, Dave James Horn, David James Horn, David Horn, Poet,  Poetry, Folkestone, Kent, Dave Horn, poem

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