Codes part 1: Origins

This follows on from The Coded Life and is the first part of musings and wonderings about our coded lives. 

We are subject to codes

Before we even exist

Before even our parents

Exchanged fluids and kissed

A social code informs

The circumstances of our birth

Our name, our conditions

The places we can and can’t be on this earth

This though is a separate

A parallel process

To that which occurs

Creating and informing our humanness

Nature’s own code moulds and shapes

The DNA of us

The physical form

In which we will be thrust

Coding the colour of our skin

The size of our chin

The length of the leg

Whether we are a Mark or a Meg

As we enter the world

Into these places made

A product of biology and society

Left to unfurl

Dave James Horn ©

Visible Thoughts, Dave James Horn, David James Horn, David Horn, Poet, Poetry, Folkestone, Kent, Dave Horn

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