The Coded Life: An Exploration Through Poetry

This is a prose introduction to what will be an me basically geeking out and getting all metaphysical about life and how the more I look the more I see it as a series of codes.  Following this over the next few will be a series of poems based on the musings I have.

What you are reading right now is a code. It is a socially agreed code on the meaning and sound of different combinations of letters. It is one example of a life built and defined almost entirely by codes. A life informed by a matrix of instructions. Some codes are obvious, others hidden – the discovery of some is strictly forbidden.

Some codes allow us to exist, others to communicate. Other still allow us to co-exist. Elegant and fragile, these codes have given societies the chance to flourish, knowledge the chance to bloom. They depend on us and each other to function but this makes them vulnerable. It was Hegel, the metaphysical philosopher, and later Marx who adapted his work; that said in the creation of something is born it’s destruction. Codes of living and being fall into this as much as any other thing.

To safe guard them, we make their breaking illegal. There are codes in place with instructions for such people should be treated. But, like the code telling me a green flashing light on my phone means I have a Facebook Messenger message waiting for me to read – I must read the message to complete the code. And so, every code only works if it is followed yet they underpin our existence.

Dave James Horn ©

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