Two Out Of Seven Cats Like Auden

Visible Thoughts, Dave James Horn, David James Horn, David Horn, Poetry, Poetry, Folkestone, Kent

You know how it is
When your cat walks
Sauntering really
And she looks at you
And you just know
What she’s thinking
‘It is my wish
Human, that you read to me’

My hand wanders over the books
A crafty eye silently judges my taste
Until my fingers reach the spine
The spine of Auden
And a wink of the eye gestures
Challenging, go on then

As sentences and syllables
Blend with the air
It is clear that the
Emotive moving images
Of Auden
Have really taken her there
There is even a marked
Reduction in distain
As she stares

The beauty of his words
His language
His vision
Speaks to human and feline
With such a precision
As society and nature
Transcend into something
Thoroughly more metaphysical

I close the book
Lost to in its spell
The cat decides
To go relieve a pillow
Of its insides

I can’t say I’m surprised

Dave James Horn ©

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