If I Go, I Want To Go Dancing

That feeling
That one you get
As the music seeps
In to your soul
And your spirits
Go up to the ceiling

The joy felt in moving
And I dare to say, grooving
As sounds and motion combine
And the smile on your face
Cannot hide the way
You feel sublime

Whether it’s a solo boogie
Or a close up twosie
There really is no denying
Dancing is the best
Keep your other highs
With this you don’t need the rest

And if I must go
As we all must
I want to dancing
With abandon
Gleefully prancing
And with a smile

So if I go, I want to dancing
Is there a better way?
If you think so
Please don’t say
Dancing will be how I
Choose to close that final day

Not with an oh
But a yay!

Dave James Horn ©