Lime Bar Moments 

The best moments
Take some very special conditions
They’re hard to come by
But quite magnificent
In their addition

First and foremost
You need people
People full of spark
People with eyes
That could light up the dark

And you need tools
Things to be used
By these merry fools
As they create
And they make

Then as needed for all life
You need atmosphere
And I don’t mean just air
I mean one of warmth,
Expression and care

But most importantly
You need a place
A space to draw in
And combine
These rays of sunshine

That place is the Lime Bar
Drawing in strangers,
Players and long lost friends
Like the pull
Of a bright star

The results have a magic
They truly are moments
Ones hard to match
From which great things hatch
The results are Lime Bar moments

Dave James Horn ©

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