Window Seat

Visible Thoughts, Dave James Horn, David James Horn, David Horn, Poet, Poetry, Folkestone, Kent

Sitting at my window
There is a lot to see
Comforted by coffee
Free from the bright prison
It is a moment to simply be

I see the business man
Rushing to work
I see the school children
Unknowingly reflecting on the the world
I see young families
Energetic kids, parents dreaming of a tan

Women and men
Girls and boys
Mothers and fathers
Any differences are skin deep
As I see it
It’s all the same thing they seek

A happy day
A smile
The chance to be individual
But still be part
Of something communial

The chance to play
Learn and laugh
When needed to sit
Rest and stay
People get distorted but actually
There seems really only one human way

Depending on your view
It is the highest bliss
Word on the street
Is it’s not to missed
Dear sweet happiness

As I watch from my window
I catch myself
Sip my coffee
And joyfully feel
As I hope for them, you, me
That I am happy

Dave James Horn ©

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