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Show Me Something Beautiful

Show me something beautiful
And I will write about it
Demanded the poet

Well were do I begin
The Universe replied
What about the wind through the trees
The song of the birds
The spark of life in your eyes

What about the kindness of people
The feeling of a hug
The sensation in your face
When your lips
Curl into a smile

The way art stirs the soul
The sense of human wonder
At what is down that hole
The way radiation from a
Burning ball of hydrogen
Fuels a whole world
Of organic life

But what can I show
To eyes that cannot see
To those eyes
Nothing could delight
Or surprise

I think you need
New eyes
With which to see
Eyes not jaded
Eyes not faded

Eyes open to having
Life’s light

Dave James Horn ©

5 thoughts on “Show Me Something Beautiful

  1. Yes! There was one so pure and so loud, it sliced right through me, eclipsing even the murder of crows that greet me every morning. I might have thought it a cardinal, as it had a lilting song, but I don’t know; it seemed more melodic than my cardinals usually produce. Anyway, it took my breath away, as did the beauty of your poem… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And then the Universe added:

    “Try listening…
    Open up your ears and hear.
    The trilling of the morning birds
    The music of the spheres
    The words of David James Horn
    Discussing Life’s true beauty…”

    What blessed words to read while sipping my morning coffee! Thank you, David! 🙂

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