My Favourite Symphony

Visible Thoughts, Dave James Horn, David James Horn, David Horn, Poet, Poetry, Folkestone, Kent

My Favourite Symphony
There’s nothing like a good album
When you want to chill
The sounds
The musicianship
My ears can’t resist
They take sip after sip

My favourite album to chill to
Is a symphony
And it’s not bitter sweet
Maybe I sound
Like a bit of a hipster
But I don’t mind if that is me

I set the mood
Incense and candles
Put my phone on silent
Technology these days
Can be so loud
So violent

And then I play my album
And you’ll love this
The player is eco-friendly
It’s powered by the sun!
No need to press play
I just open the window

There are sections of starlings
There are seagull solos
My heart provides
A consistent beat
Though I feel no urge
To move my feet

I just stop and listen
This natural symphony
No song sounds the same
Sometimes there are special guests
The patter of the rain
But us humans can leave a jarring refrain

It really is a great record
I highly recommend it
And it’s free
No need to buy it
All you need to do
Is stop and sit

So when you’re bored of Jay Z
And that one song that’s everywhere
Is driving you crazy
How about a little nature
The reviews declare it
Both beautiful and profound

I just think
It’s nice

Dave James Horn ©


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