Waiting To Be Saved

This is a poem I wrote sometime ago, which has since been illustrated by Hannah Goff. Artwork copyright to Hannah Goff, HKG © 

Waiting to be saved
Waiting to be loved
Waiting from above
To be in the
Right direction shoved

Always waiting
Always hoping
For the answers
Like a man in the dark
Desperately groping

But finding nothing
And instead
On this over extended interlude
Coughing and choking
Always waiting

But I am me
I am free
No one’s coming
To the rescue
I’m waiting for me

It’s hard to see
Or perhaps I’m lazy
But it’s on me
No good deciding
On the petals of a daisy

Waiting to be saved
This reality is one
I’ve made
I am my own master
Thinking I’m a slave

Actions, verbs
Doing words
These are how
I make my dreams
And banish my curse

What to do though?
How to do it?
I suspect deep down
I know
Its just been easier not to see it

David James Horn ©