Treasure Hunting

Visible Thoughts, Dave James Horn, David James Horn, David Horn, Poet, Poetry, Folkestone, Kent

I went on Google Maps
Looking for my treasure
I got up in the loft
Looking for my treasure

Didn’t find a thing though
Just a few amusing photos
And one big old spider
I’d rather forget

Of making a mess accused
I sat and meditated

Closed my eyes
Looking to be illuminated
Drifting around
I found a treasure chest

And the riches, the gems
Cash4Gold would tell me
They were amazing, the best
Before they sold em’ at 10 times spec

But it felt wrong
Empty and worthless
Like, what good is a chest of gold actually
Other than for making a mess

I drifted on
Found a second treasure
Opened it up and by every measure
It was empty

That’s when it hit me
Right in the face
I’d been treasure hunting
In totally the wrong place

My true treasure
My happiness, my joy
Wasn’t in some trinket
Some toy

It was here, now
The moment
Immersed and content
No need for any other component

My treasure was here
The act of being
In this present
Laughing and singing

Or fixing
Not a thing
But a place

Right here
This point
In time and space

I found my treaure
No gold
Could illumate
As much as the smile on my face

Dave James Horn © 

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