Atlas Of Folkestone

What is a world?
The Greeks had Atlas
Carrying their ground and sky
Give me a telescope
And I can see many more
If I try

But worlds can be subtle
Maybe not even physical
Still though with such great
Gravity and weight
They all need their own Atlas
Though not many pass the test

With that in mind
Here’s a story
It won’t take too long
But sadly if there were pictures
They would be gory
Sadder still this story is true

A woman, a wife
Had cancer
Enter her life
This lady
The central star
To four kids and their pa

Cancer is a tricky blighter
But this woman
She’s a fighter
Ten years of fighting
And four times dead
She held on truly supreme

But every warrior needs a team
And this lady was held up
By her own Atlas
For this family world
He held the ground and the sky
Whispered light into the sun

To the Greeks
Atlas was being punished
However our Atlas here
Stepped up
Perhaps with trepidation and fear
He offered his life and his love

He did it for no cheer
No accolade
His gift quietly given
Is as incandesent
As any story if heroism
On tongue or paper ever laid

Dave James Horn ©