Stop And Take A Sip

The other evening as I meditated
Left a castle dark and ill fated
Got in the meadow
Felt the sun
And saw another shadow
Alongside my one
Get out here into the light
My name’s Dwight
And I’ve got a message
I think you’ll like

I’ll admit I was confused
A second go I was on a chair
And now there’s all this fresh air?
Anyway I found our Dwight
Sat down with him
And saw a sight I did like
A teapot boiling over a fire
We sat and silence ruled
Eventually I had to ask
What tea is that

The tea itself is less important
He said like the sensai from Karate Kid
Its all about how you use it
You see
Thoughts tumble and whirl
Life’s events seem
To rapidly unfurl
Its annoying at best
But our dear inner peace
These things can test

So stop
Just for a bit
Stop and take a sip
Take it slowly
This thing is mindful
Don’t take it quick
From choosing the tea
Through to giving that cuppa
A second to simply be

Let that whirlwind whirl on
Savour the cup
And enjoy be still
I’m certain you’ll find it
A much greater thrill
When you loose your balance
Just stop and take a sip
When you get anxious
Just stop and take a sip
When you get pissed off
Just stop and take a sip

Ending out if character
He looked at me
You get me?

One thought on “Stop And Take A Sip

  1. Lisa R. Palmer says:

    I get you! And I’m sincerely grateful for the validation!

    I’ve been struggling to make sense of these freeze-frame moments in my life, these poignant pauses. You, sir, have helped me see the benefit of them, and escape that niggling sense of fear that has been haunting me…



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