The Life Dialectic 

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Philosophy; it doesn’t have all answers.  In fact it doesn’t have any answers.  I mean depending on our interpretation of truth what even is an answer?  An act of mental masturbation by some, an endless maze to others – philosophy’s ‘answer’ at least from my perspective is the cognitive equipment to think, see and develop ideas.  The good and the bad, sooner or later one has to work (again, what does it even mean to have worked?).

A tool for opening the mind, a climbing frame for framing and exploring ideas.  Taking a pragmatist’s view of truth you could say what feels right after this exploration is in the present moment is an answer.  Philosophy is a means to an end, not an end.  It’s that end business that makes life so messy.  Everyone with their different ends not accepting other people’s ends.  By virtue of the disagreement and conflicts these people clearly haven’t found their end yet. 

My end one recent sunny morning was attempting to work out exactly what the fuck is going on with my life.  To this end I attempted to adapt Hegel’s dialectic to try and work out what is going on.  This is an attempt.

There is an overall purpose to living, informed by our interests and goals

In each stage and situation in life lay the tools for the development and growth of self, and achievement of our goals in the nect stage.

We are always striving to meet our goals.

The dialectical progression works on this ability to meet our goal, not the goal itself.  Each stage or phase making us better at meeting it.

Taking into account life and moments as a confluence of many streams, this situation is continually changing so progression is unlimited.

Working out the point seems to be the tricky bit.

What ever equals joy or acts like Aristotle’s prime mover I feel must be the secret.

Using this as a mental climbing frame the prime mover/route to joy seems to be love.  The only unifying factor behind things I enjoy in life.  Love for self, others, love in actions and the situations tolerated and created for these actions.

Not quite as illuminating in a black and white go here next way as I hoped, but it shows the limits of philosophy.  The remaining distance to be travelled must come from listening, digesting, knowing, and acting.  Listening then acting being critical, I guess.  

Dave James Horn © 

3 thoughts on “The Life Dialectic 

  1. Lisa R. Palmer says:

    Wow, could you have made that any clearer?! Brilliant, James, just brilliant!

    And with your usual perfect timing, of course, as I really needed to read this today…

    Thank you, my friend! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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