Tumble Stones

The joy of pebbles in streams down beaches.

You know tumble stones
Are often the more beautiful of gems
More perfect
More precious

They don’t start that way though
Buried in the earth
They have such potential
But questionable worth

It takes time
Tumbling through times stream
To get that perfection
That gleam

A good eye
To appreciate what you’ve got
And dedication
You need that a lot

But tumbling
Makes space for glee

Crafted into strengths
Beautiful facets
Even future assets
In this process

Tumbling is destructive
But soon you see that gleam
And behind
Left over mess

Tumbling and shaping
For a greater beauty
Unknowingly in the making
Until that beauty is breath taking

Losing the painful
And indifference
Returning to life’s
Natural elegance

Dave James Horn ©