The Land of Lost Souls

In the land of lost souls
We crash about
And push eachother into sinkholes

Rushing and searching
Awkwardly lurching
Pain seems the only goal

But what we’re looking for
We already have
We have the provisions and the map

We have our innate wisdom
Already on tap
We just can’t see it through the crap

In the land of lost souls
One who knows where they are
Is truly whole

And one who is whole
Sees the common existence
In everything

That place is here and now
These coordinates
Are everyone’s way home

It is the light in the dark
The new space found
When torn apart

A light so bright as to be blinding
But the details of sight are needless
When all is one and truly blessed

In the land of lost souls
We are the darkness and the trolls
But we are the angels to

If only we knew our true self
Us beings of infinity
Tricked onto bended knee