What Am I saying?

What Am I saying?
I want to write poems
I’m a poet you see
But just recently
I’ve found these old words
Do desert me
Not so much the words
But what am I saying?
What part of the brain
Do I want to be swaying?

See rhyming words is only part of it
And when meters get involved
Whats being said is far greater
Than how you measure it
So what am I saying?
I’m glad for your ears
Grateful no less
So I feel some meaning
These words should possess

So what I’m saying matters
Atleast to me
Lots of words each day are said
Some bring joy and laughter
Some tickle that old brain just right
And on hearing some make you
Just wish you were dead
Some though are simply said
Space fillers
And silence killers

So I don’t know what I’m saying
And for direction and clarity
I’m certain to be praying
But I saw something beautiful
The other week
A couple sitting with a coffee
Face to face
Paper to book

Though they gave eachother
That love look
Didn’t say a word
Just read
And in the views they took
How beautiful is that?!
You know what I’m saying?

Dave James Horn ©