Matthew Appleby – These Were My Roots


After several years of increasingly sought after shows, Matthew Appleby has released a long awaited E.P.  These Were My Roots captures the versatility and power which has gained Matt some dedicated fans and a wave of impressed spectators, as well as seeing Matt introduce new elements to his sound.  These Were My Roots sees the release of four live favourites finally laid down on tape.

It all starts with FloodgatesFloodgates gently flows on a tide of haunting guitars and vocals as Matt expounds the feeling of enough, through his words and his music.  Joined by strings, a new aspect to Matt’s sound, Floodgates grows and builds into soulfully defiant finish.  Alluding to but by no means the full measure of the man.

A throat clear signals the arrival of a new track and another aspect of Matt’s musical vocabulary.  The highly relatable Working Class brings a more upbeat side to Matt’s guitar playing, it also shows Matt rapping.  Switching from a distinct vocal to some serious flows Working Class sees Matt create a dynamic energy.

Opening with an almost ethereal vocal By Night follows, and is another shift in technique.  A moment at live performances, tapping and playing his guitar horizontally on his lap Matt adds a longing note to his voice as his guitar chimes and becomes percussion.  Creating a layered sound By Night is again mesmerising recorded.

The Search concludes Matt Appleby’s debut release.  After a warm, sincere and eager guitar opening, Matt reflects – the passion building to a powerful chorus.  The searching nature of this song is emphasised as the guitar gains pace and again with the vocal reflects an  eagerness.

Across four tracks Matt Appleby shows four different sides to himself and his performance, whilst making an enjoyable and highly listenable E.P.  A distinct and memorable sound, side effects of the These Were My Roots E.P may include having songs stuck in your head for quite some time!

David Horn


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