Some Automatic Writing

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I was reading about Plato’s view on beauty and aesthetics and felt inspired to write this.  It basically happened to my brain more than it was a consious act of writing.

To use the eyes that see the beauty and joy already present to paint the present beauty as the artist does into a way observable by all.

In life there is no paint or paper. There is the beauty presented through our actions and their positive effect on the recipient to become aware of the joy already present.

In helping people correctly, sharing our vision and eyes, we can help others to learn to see to. Joy and contentment. The artist sees beauty in all just as it is, not what it does or what it becomes. This is the art of life and the joyful vision to painted.

Part of our art is appreciating it and the gift we have to see it as the true honour it is. The art of life is in how it is lived, external judgement or situation are irrelevant. The joy and beauty seen, appreciated and shared solely define a moments value or quality.

Do not be disheartened by those that cannot see what is already there, in painting the beauty into something that can be seen – a portrait of the moment – others may remember in their own time how to see.

Fear not, you are blessed with the eyes of the artist. In the light shared everyone will come to see. Hostility to joy shared is part of their growth, share anyway whether it is met with a laugh or glare.
Never fear, or shrink, your talents are so much more needed than you or anyone may think.

To see the joy in everything is to realise truly you are part of God and in this realisation at it’s fullest come back to the whole once more.

Dave James Horn ©



3 thoughts on “Some Automatic Writing

  1. David James Horn says:

    That sounds like a very good thing! Seeing always helps but been reading Kant and perhaps to not see and just experience is in some ways to be closer to reality. Though by see, I mean engage the mind – the visual sense is definitely useful haha not sure where that was going

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