Life is the greatest poem
Moment after moment
It keeps the beauty flowing!
Smells and sounds
That shimmering sea
The buzz buzz of a passing bee!
My notepad looks at it
Agrees with pen
And they’re both like
The subjects too big
Fuck it we’re going

Life is big!
Life is the poem
That’s just too much for words
These words right here
Are just a foot note
Words barely able to emote
The love for this thing
So fucking dear!
Life goes deeper
Far beyond
Though so many spend their time
Hunting it in the bottom of a beer
Life is what happens
When you let go of fear

It’s in the ocean
And it’s in the pond
It’s in us to!
Pulsing and flowing
Making our skin
Keeping our skin radiantly glowimg
Life animates this pile of atoms
With energy and consiousness
Without it
These bodies would
Be cold as snow
But with it you best keep an eye
Because there’s no stopping it

Life is simple and elegant
Life lends us sustenance
Life is to be used
Whether we’re planting seeds
Or its mountains to be moved
Life is a gift
That one that astounds
And confounds
And leaves you miffed
Still with a smile though
As you work the meaning
The method and just
What does 42 has to do with it?

David James Horn ©



2 thoughts on “Life

  1. Lisa R. Palmer says:

    Brilliant, David! Rough around the edges yet bursting with energy; capturing and reflecting the subject and theme…

    Well done, sir!! Thanks for sharing such beautiful energy today… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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