Planting Seeds

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A mighty jungle
An ancient forest
That fruitful Orchard
All of these things we need
Be it air, beauty or to feed
And all start
With just a seed

But seeds aren’t just future plants
Seeds are starting points
Thoughts and emotions
Challenging fears and forming ideas
Thinking over and acting on
The gate way to innovation
A smile, fresh eyes or even a dance

There is no greater gift
Than that of the seed
The receiver able to enjoy
The journey, the fruit
The growth process
Grasping new life
And putting it to the test

The great planters include
Confucius and Socrates
Proving a few well planted seeds
Can change the course
Of history
But all of us are planters
Joined by a universal creed

An honour and a gift
When the time is right
It’s the greatest gift to give
And so more joyfully live
Giving and receiving
We stand
On eachother’s shoulders

David James Horn Ā©

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