An Angry Poem

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Oh wait look over there!
Whats this latest bomb scare?!
While you’re not looking
Busy panicking
Lets sneak these laws in

You won’t notice
We’ll keep it on the hush
Sell of the services
Welfare, well that’s something
We no longer wish to touch

If you get angry
We’ll do something fun
Give you a free tooth brush
Atleast til our plans
Can no longer be undone

You just stay distracted
And if you’ve reacted
You’re the one with problems
We’ll direct the media
To willfully mislead ya

See, we’re setting our net
And you’re already in it
You can’t see yet
And that’s how
We’ll win it

Don’t care about them
Shush as we condemn
Don’t work out
That all this stuff
Is going to get you

You can’t see it yet
Seems far off and unrelated
But we assure soon
We’ll be sorted and off
You’ll just be ill fated

So relax
Look! Be angry at that
And oh
How cuuuuute is that cat?
Just don’t look over here

Ironically it’s you we fear
So many of you making our plans work
Without you we have nothing
Just don’t rise up and join forces
Else we’ll no longer have this smirk

David James Horn Β©

6 thoughts on “An Angry Poem

  1. David James Horn says:

    Me neither – good days and bad days. It seems like such an impossible task, I’m not – little actions showing people better ways? It was Bob Marley who said it takes a small axe to cut a fell a big tree.

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