I, I, I

I am the flap of the pigeon wing
I am the drop of rain
The sounds filling the air
And the ears to hear

I am a moment
A collection of circumstances
I am all around and within
As existence sings

I am
I not a subjective
I am an objective
Another surface reflected

I am now
Not yesterday
Nor tomorrow
I am here

A bee in the hive
The hive is made of bees
Made by bees
Moving parts of one entity

My elements forged in the heart
Of dying stars
Our world and us
Are stardust made flesh

Transformed by energy
By vibration
Percieving and creating
Further vibration

A moment encapsulating all of history
The infinite seed of the future
All this I business
Surely it is an erroneous fixation

There is this moment
Nothing in all
Of existence
Is so potent

David James Horn ©