Cosmic Smiles

Visible Thoughts, Dave James Horn, David James Horn, David Horn, Poet, Poetry, Folkestone, Kent, Dave Horn

Whether it’s the bejewelled night sky
Or a friendly passer by
This Universe
Has love in it’s eyes

Shining from that twinkling star
Or radiating from that strangers face
This is the Universe’s beauty
The cosmic race

One cosmic face
Many expressions
The Universe’s love
Makes no concessions

From the wildest joy to the deepest smile
The major and minor marks
It’s everywhere
If only we stop and star a while

David James Horn ©

2 thoughts on “Cosmic Smiles

  1. Lisa R. Palmer says:

    Love this! Did you intend that final line to read, “if only we stop and star a while”? I can’t seem to decide if it’s intended because it goes with the whole cosmic theme, or of it was meant to be “stare.” I think both work, though I like “star” better… Either way, magnificent thoughts, expressed eloquently again! Beautiful! 🙂


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