The Jungle Burns Tonight

Visible Thoughts, Dave James Horn, David James Horn, David Horn, Poet, Poetry, Folkestone, Kent, Dave Horn
Calais, The Jungle, Refugee Crisis, War, Human Rights
Photo credit: Emma Wink ©
Calais, The Jungle, Refugee Crisis
Photo credit: Emma Wink ©

They call it a jungle
I call it a home
I travelled here from
A land
By your violence overthrown

From the dust
We thrust
Shelter, schools
A church
All without help from your crust

We made a community
But we are demonised
And for the second time
My home was destroyed
As fires filled the skies

As your media hypnotise
And dehumanise
We have only tears
In our eyes
Despair everywhere

The global game you play
Is no game
The lives you touch
Are never again
The same

We are people
Mothers, fathers
Sisters, brothers
In every respect
Your equal

Except thats not true
Unlike you
We act with respect
Live through kindness
Survivors of the lives you wrecked

I stand here under smoke blackened skies
On dust, dirt and broken dreams
And unheard screams
I stand here on the remains
Of your ill thought schemes

David James Horn ©

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