Self acceptance

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It’s all about self-acceptance and liking yourself 🙂 nice words!

Happy days of life

The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.

-Mark Twain

My self acceptance was when I was 14. It came a hard way. That time my though was if u can’t love yourself why would anyone love you. Which forced me to love myself the way I am and accept it.

From past one month I have been practising this technique.
Well, to be honest its not mine I read it in one of my followers (sorry mate can’t remember your name and blog)

His words were,“look in the mirror every morning and say that you accept yourself and will move forward”


I follow this, Every morning I just stand in front of the mirror look at myself and said that I accept myself and all my flaws and today I will take myself a step closer to my goals.

I call it the
Self acceptance


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