Selfless To A Fault

Selfless to a fault.  One thing is true, too be eternally selfless may lead to a fault. Helping others requires that we help ourselves.

To give, there must be something to give.  But to forever give and never replenish, and eventually there is nothing left to give.  At the point where there is nothing left to give you can inflict serious damage to yourself by carrying on.

Here water is a wonderful teacher.  It only flows on when it has filled the container.  Replenishing can seem somewhat selfish in the eyes of society, but it is still giving.  It is giving to you, taking care of yourself, and it is as essential as it is hopefully enjoyable.

Maintenance is the key, and whether it’s giving to yourself or to others, its all about the experience – making it the one you want it to be.  Osho says we can only give what are.  So if we’re forever giving and never just being – what are we?  

The balance is yours to strike.

David James Horn