The Price Of Coffee

It’s been a day!
Working hard for my pay
I need a coffee
Thats what I say
That stuff is expensive though

Keeps going up
I’m looking from my bubble
And how they charge so much
I can’t imagine
I give up

Looking from my bubble
I just can’t see
The global conflict
Global farming and trade
On the restrict

My coffee just goes up
And it makes me pissed
My life’s pretty good
But no coffee
And it’s a point I’ve missed

But my coffee just goes up
The news scares me
Bomb ’em
Go on!
But why does my coffee go up?

My coffee keeps going up
All these immigrants
Where are they coming from
I don’t care where or why
Just give me my coffee

My coffee shop closed
Turns out the bombs
Left its coffee source indisposed
But I’m craving
Wish I still had a coffee

I spoke to an immigrant today
He says he used to work hard
Grow coffee
And I’m like
Wow no way

Says his country was bombed
Now the coffee farms
They’re gone
No caffeine my bubbles burst
How did I miss humanity at it’s worst?

David James Horn ©

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