‘Cos You Gotta Have Faith…

Faith.  It’s important, but its not a religious word.  So often the connotations lead to religion but faith is yours.  It applies to everything.

Most importantly it applies to self, faith in ourselves being such a fundamental thing.  Its upto you though where you put it and what you do with it, an investment made by you for what you think are good returns.

You could have faith in friends, family or football or in spiritualality, self or sex.  Wherever you place you investment, your foundations are your choice but its a big one.  You build you from these foundations, so where they are and how strong you make them – it matters.

Like roots of a tree they anchor you, hold you and absorb elements into you.  Your investment has to make good returns conducive to positive growth.  You owe it to yourself

Claim your faith and use it.  Enrich yourself with it.

David James Horn

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