Presence In The Present

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Mindfulness is an ancient practice.  As contemporary now as it was at it’s conception.  Mindfulness has helped so many to make more of life – whether it’s a tool through depression or  just enjoying the moment. 

It’s something yoga is trying to remind me of.  The moment is what it’s all about, what everything is about.  Having a presence in the present is a beautiful experience .  To be fully present and not having one foot in the past with one stretched hand straining for future just feels content.  Stillness, focus and awareness strive to create this contentment even in the mundane.

Beyond this though the present is our teacher, molding and directing.  Flowing naturally it supplies the tools and opportunities – which through responding rather than reacting allow us mindfully to flow life to where we want it, naturally like the raft on the river not the salmon up the stream.

Being in the moment lets us be 100% us.   We haven’t split our attention over five things – the full intensity of our being acts on what we are doing.  Under such intensity what is there that cannot be done?  It’s hard though to remain present though, its a noisy world plus our minds are in the habit of multitasking and worrying.

David James Horn ©

Still, even odd moments of presence show the simple pleaure.  And like all training, it only gets easier. 

3 thoughts on “Presence In The Present

  1. Lisa R. Palmer says:

    I am so with you in this moment, David. Thanks for putting it in perspective for me again…

    And to think I was (almost) complaining about being out of synch with Time and forced to live in an eternal Now…

    Silly me… How easily we do forget our goals when we achieve them. Sigh…

    Liked by 1 person

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