Soul Food

I’ve been thinking about nourishment recently and what I think it is; and what I think we get it from.  These are my internal deliberations.

It keeps us ticking, it keeps the joints of our bodies clicking, as we travel our on our road.  Nourishment though starts with the organ grinder not the, our self before the flesh that surrounds it.

Give a baby all the physical supplies for life and even then if you don’t feed it’s soul it will likely perish.  Ignore Masaru Emoto’s rice in water and it rots faster than that exposed to love and hate.  So it seems that nourishment at the soul level essential!  We must feed our souls, do the things we love and the things that bring us joy.  We know what these things are, even if we don’t always act on them.

Feeding our souls means time for ourselves in which to do them, something sometimes considered selfish in this age.  Or worse, something for which there isn’t time to make in busy lives.  Still, without this time and the nourishing activities it allows life can seem bitter.

A vital supplement of this soul nourishment, and a byproduct, I believe is self love.  The basis of so many things, it is the wind beneath our wings.  Self love supports us, empowers us and protects us – even if it can be initially hard to cultivate.  It is worth the effort and the wait.  Crucially it comes from our own unique self, we can’t borrow it or use someone else’s.  To find it externally is like denying us our full selves and handing the power to someone else.

From self love springs self trust. This is our bedrock, the point from which we can build our lives and responses.  To trust ourselves is to use the gifts we’ve been given and paves the way for confidence.  That’s not to say a closed mind or bulging ego are good things – trust in self is a useful tool for navigating new experiences and feelings. It lets us reconcile what feels good and bad, right and wrong.  The compass our ship is our gut and it’s feelings are seldom wrong I have learnt.

Guru dev namo – I bow to the divine teacher within

For me these three things feel like they are the core of a healthy self, which is the core of a healthy body.  What do you think?

David James Horn