“Lead On…”

What a wonderful poem! Captures the confusion between loss, purpose amd the journey overall perfectly! I can relate to this!

the otherhood of one


Photo by Lisa R. Palmer

from my Pilgrimage, August 2015

Today I feel like a horse on a lead

a fish on a line

a dog on a leash…

Being led from one place to the next

one post to another

one step beyond…

Where I have been before.

All around me I notice…


I ought to be doing.


I ought to be contacting.


I ought to be accomplishing.

And yet…

I don’t.

And I cannot help but wonder why?

I could choose to wear blinders today,

to ignore that sense of “failure,”

to focus on my goal,

whatever it might be.

But I don’t.

And I cannot help but wonder why?

I want to embrace it All, I guess

even if I can’t engage

for I am being led

to something else instead.

I wonder if this journey will lead

somewhere valuable to Me?

I wonder…

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2 thoughts on ““Lead On…”

  1. Lisa R. Palmer says:

    I am humbled and honored. Thank you, James! Glad you could relate, though I have to admit I’m not surprised; lately we’ve been circling around each other topically and timely like breezes before a storm front. I’m glad I found you on my journey! 🙂


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