What is ‘ready’?

I’m not ready yet.
I want to do it when I’m ready.

I write this as someone getting ‘ready’,  But what is ready? When do we attain readiness? Depending on our feeling to something ready could be the pot of gold at the end of a never ending rainbow.  Not being ready is also an easily deployable excuse.  Further still, do the the things we are looking to make ready actually have a bearing on the task. 

The person at the gym could spend a life time getting ready, ready becoming ironically more distant as more progress is made.  The quest for readiness important.  It makes us able to achieve the intentions we have set.  This preparation is important but also highly distracting.

Are we ever ready? We save or we plan but only in the moment of experience are we aware of what is required.  And from experience it is normally already within us when we need it.  Ready is more of a challenge, a calling – the starting orders of a race.  Not a prerequisite but the purpose of the journey or activity .  Not an excuse not to do, but an excuse not to begin.

Ready is empowerment, a declaration .  An intention.  ‘I am ready’.  Far from the imaginary start date it is the beginning, ready to start the process discovering readiness in any field you are drawn to.  Ready is us accepting the challenge, and the conviction to complete it. 

We are ready.

David James Horn