Coffee For Two

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Coffee for two
Sometimes there is nothing else
That will do

Warm lights and background music
The perfect atmosphere
They do infuse in to it

The meeting of minds
As thoughts
And ideas entwine

Over those steaming drinks
All manner of things
Do the minds think

A place for the best and biggest ideas
Discussion of the greatest joys
The deepest fears

Feet rested
Life temporarily frozen
Only the ability to relax is tested

And bested
Times with a best one
Sometimes coffee for two is all that will do

David James Horn ©

2 thoughts on “Coffee For Two

  1. Lisa R. Palmer says:

    I love this! I relate to it so! Some of my favorite times have involved coffee for two… (BTW, LOVE the use of “infuse” – so many levels to that!)

    And I was feeling so disconnected this morning that I needed this smile and sense of companionship. Thank you… Honestly! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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