Existential Musings #1: Tension

I’m very interested in spirituality, physics and philosophy.  The more I read on the above subjects separately the less differences I see.  This could be ridiculous or make some kind of sense, although both terms are highly subjective.   This is just an interactive online blackboard to play with ideas and articulate thoughts into some sort of order.  It may not even be new

I am constantly rebuked by my yoga instructor for always being tense in my upper body .  The concept of tension has stuck with me, buzzing across my synapses.  Tension is at the heart of these musings though tangents are highly likely.

Tension exists in the physical, mental and social nature of our experience.  Mentally it can inhibit us and direct the thought process through certain behaviours.  Socially it can have massive ramifications, influencing anything from attitudes to things or people through to outbursts of violence or protest.  Even in our physical body, so closely linked to the mental world, which is again influenced by the social world does tension affect us.  It can prepare our bodies for action/reaction or indeed restrict muscles or functions from operating in a healthy way.  Tension in all these settings has the potential to inflict serious harm.  All across the physical universe tension plays a pivotal role in events.  Personally I believe that tensions form when intentions are not released in some way when they arise.

I am fascinated by the fact that everything in the physical universe is made of atoms, and they are less solid things than they are energy vibrating at a frequency.  Sadu Guru, an illuminated Indian guru recounted sitting on a stone and feeling his consciousness expand into the stone.  He later went on to explain the concept of expanding your consciousness beyond your physical body.  But back to tension.  Everything is made of atoms, part of the basis in my belief of everything being interconnected and part of one whole.  But I am aware of my body as separate to the sofa I am sitting on.  I have been considering the idea that it is tension at the atomic level (in the form of the bonds between atoms?) that maintains this separation.  By releasing such tension and barriers could it have been that Sadu Guru was able to expand his consciousness and experience ?

The ancient Persian Sufi, mystic and poet Rumi speaks in similar terms in his poetry of letting go and releasing/allowing the love of God.  This is a principle in yoga also.  The Buddhist text The Tibetan Book of the Dead / Liberation by Hearing continues in this vein explaining that the human is in the unique position of being able to communicate with all other energy.  This can be observed through our interactions with animals and plants, as well as our work in genetic engineering or in quantum physics and biology.  Our work with particle accelerators sees us interacting with particles at the smallest levels we are aware of.

Releasing or no longer manifesting this tension would seem to be the way to connect to the wider things of existence, although depending on your stance towards meta-physics all things are dependent on mind anyway.  Beyond this; given that the atoms of us, stars, plants and pencil sharpeners are all energy vibrating at frequencies there is the potential of interacting with a non-physical world to.  Plants receive waves of radiation transmitted as light and turn it into a source of physical development.

Gifted with the scope of our consciousness is it within us to expand to such awareness that we too could comprehend energy and existence in this state.  Whether it’s Socrates’ internal communication with God or the idea of the third eye, or the increasingly investigated phenomenon of telepathy – a world beyond the five senses has been posited throughout history.

The idea of frequency finds a place again when considering Om/Aum.  Considered the seed syllable of the universe in its context it is considered the creative vibration of the universe or the word as given by God.  Added to this is the observation of the same sound wave shared between Om and as detected in the background of the universe.  The impact of frequency and our ability to use it was beautifully exhibited by the work of Masaru Emoto and in his research published as Messages In Water.  Emoto subjects water to frequencies sonic and visual in the form of words and studied the myriad of variations the water made when frozen into ice crystals.  If this were to be the case it seems possible that with conscious intention we could adjust our vibration and expand our awareness to higher states of consciousness, perhaps the path is beyond the ego (mental tension?) through practices such as meditation.

It feels to me like there is something major at the most gross and subtle level in the idea of tension and letting go of it.  In the ways already known and ways perhaps we don’t it is beneficial at every level.  Certainly letting go of it from my body during yoga will improve my yoga dramatically.

My own beliefs are around the Hindu and Buddhist outlooks, that all is inter-connected and one with the view to seeking a level of awareness beyond the five senses. Physicist or spiritualist, and philosopher depending on the school – it feels like they’re heading in the same direction.

David James Horn

2 thoughts on “Existential Musings #1: Tension

  1. David James Horn says:

    It’s fascinating! Tension is such an interesting thing. I can’t touch my toes, but when a friend of mine hypnotised me it was suddenly simple. Thanks for reading, enjoy the adventure! 🙂

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  2. Lisa R. Palmer says:

    Oh, absolutely!! I, personally, agree that physics, philosophy and spirituality are all headed in the same direction (body, mind and soul); simply our Be-ing’s various perspectives. And I have also been fascinated by that mysterious “something” that allows non-solid particles to interact as separate, distinct, and impenetrable in the physical world…

    But I had never considered tension as a variable… What a brilliant idea! You have truly enlightened me with this concept, and no doubt sent me off on a grand adventure of exploration…

    Thank you! Sincerely! 🙂

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