It’s Ok To Be Cold

A letter to my younger self
You were one tough cookie
Unassailably happy
With skin thicker than a wookie

Except I know thats not true
You took the shit
With determination and grit
But still I feel what it did to you

No one ever knew
You gave people only good news
And shorts all year round
The cold was almost too much to stand

But you just laughed
‘I’m warm blooded’ you’d say
With the deepest love
I want to say to be cold is ok

To be sad is ok
To be weak not strong
It’s ok
Even not right but wrong

A self denied
You refused to be pryed
So only on the inside
Was it that you cried

Judgements don’t matter
A genuine life experience
Is your human right
No one out there you need to flatter

It’s ok to be cold

David James Horn ©