Douglas Adams – Substance and Style

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Douglas Adams is a literary hero of mine. He presents very real realities and observations in delightfully sureal and relevant ways.

Metaphors, similes and imagery paint stories that tickle and stimulate the mind and just give it something to chew on.

His approach and his effortlessness are a big inspiration, satirising every day life and reclaiming it from the over-serious while drawing attention to things in his unique style worth considering.

One of my favourite quotes is this;

The Vogon ships hung in the sky in much the bricks don’t.

David James Horn

3 thoughts on “Douglas Adams – Substance and Style

  1. Cole Adler says:

    I totally agree. It also creates a feeling of suspense, like discovering bricks hanging overhead, recreating the tension of people on Earth looking up and seeing the ships and not knowing what they’re about.

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