The Two Hoody Blues

Wearing two hoodies
That winters crept in
And my heatings packed up
I call that a lose
I got the two hoody blues

See my breath in the kitchen
Frozen in the toilet
Nature’s calls I wish I could refuse
In the living room electric heaters blare
And still its cold in there
I got the two hoody blues

The bedroom is my oasis
That heater keeps giving
And in it’s warm sanctuary
I tend to be living
Grateful for some heat to choose
I got the two hoody blues

But still, I’m blessed
To be by walls and ceilings
Spatially caressed
Those sleeping rough
I’d not be that tough
They got the two hoody blues

Annoying it’s true
I ain’t got nothing on you
Dear person on the street
Resilient through and through
Just now do you do
What you do
Fighting the two hoody blues

This winters biting
To think anyone face it outside
Is frightening
Warm rooms for you and I
Hopefully one day no one has
The two hoody blues

David James Horn ©