Harmonica Joe

This is the story of Harmonica Joe
Living out on the streets
He sat day and night
Not out for illegal treats
Harmonica Joe was just after
Warm food clean bed sheets
At this point though
He was just called Joe
He had no harmonica in tow

And then one day fortune did bestow
A harmonica on to our friend Joe
And he’ll be the first to admit
He was as musical
As a severed little toe
But regardless he picked up
That harmonica and gave it a blow
Did it sound good?
Well not really, no

But Harmonica Joe kept going
And in time the music
Began to start flowing
Folkestone’s cold streets
Had a new sound
Running through their heartbeat
But some people are …
Well, words too rude
For me to repeat

One guy took that harmonica
And crushed it under his feet
Joe kept playing
But on a broken organ
The sound wasn’t all that
If you know what I’m saying
But a new harmonica came Joe’s way
And sadly, this time by accident
That to became a broken implement

Joe plodded on
Filling Folkestone with
His broken song
And then a third harmonica appeared
And gave him the come on
You have to get it wrong
To get it right
And after this misfortune
In Joe’s mitts that harmonica sounded a delight

Now his playing is outta sight
Playing the street soul
A self-taught, life taught
Musical might
A little determined self-belief
And lots of trial and error
And we can all do more than we thought
When life brings struggle
Show it the sword you’ve got in your sheath

David Horn ©

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